1,500 Rescue Workers Search for Survivors in Japanese Landslide

Four people have been found dead in the aftermath of a landslide in the Japanese resort city of Atami, officials said. By Monday, roughly 1,500 emergency workers were digging through rubble in a neighborhood of the central seaside city, desperately searching for survivors. Saturday’s landslide was triggered by several days of torrential rain, which forecasters said was more rainfall than Atami usually records for the entire month of July.  Roughly 80 people are still missing, though authorities are still trying to confirm their whereabouts and are hoping that some were elsewhere during the disaster. As many as 130 homes and buildings were destroyed. Atami is a resort city, 90 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of Tokyo, known for its hot springs. It sits above a bay on a steep slope. The disaster comes just days before the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics, which has been overshadowed by the rising number of COVID-19 infections across the nation.   This report includes information from The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse and Reuters.

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