Israel: 3 Dead in Stabbing Attack by Palestinian

Israeli officials say three Israelis have died and one more is wounded after a Palestinian broke into a home in a West Bank settlement and stabbed the inhabitants.

Two of the victims died soon after the attack in the area known as Neve Tsuf, north of Ramallah. Another victim died of his or her wounds later in the day.

The Israeli army and news media say the assailant was shot, but it is not clear whether he or she was killed in the shooting. The identity of the assailant was not disclosed.

Elsewhere, three Palestinians died Friday when clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians turned violent, the Palestinian health ministry said.

According to the ministry, one Palestinian was shot and killed in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood, though it did not say who fired the shot that killed the person.

The ministry blamed Israeli fire for a second shooting in the A-Tur area of east Jerusalem that left another Palestinian dead.

A third Palestinian was killed in Abu Dis in the occupied West Bank, after he was “shot in the heart by live bullets,” the ministry said.

Clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians broke out after the recent implementation of new Israeli security measures.

Israeli police have barred Muslim men under the age of 50 from entering a contested Jerusalem holy place for prayers on Friday.

Officials say protests were expected at the Old City site where Israeli police have recently installed security devices, after two police officers were killed there by Arab gunmen.

Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said reinforcements have been deployed in and around the Old City.

A police statement said, “Entry to the Old City and Temple Mount will be limited to men aged 50 and over. Women of all ages will be permitted.”

The site is know to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as the Temple Mount. It is the holiest Jewish site and the third holiest in Islam.

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