Saudi Authorities Foil Mecca Terror Plot

Police in Saudi Arabia foiled a terror plot targeting the Grand Mosque in Mecca Friday, killing the man who had been planning the attack in a raid on his home, authorities said.

Video footage aired on Saudi state television showed police raiding the three-story house where the suicide bomber lived. Police say they exchanged fire with the bomber before he blew himself up, collapsing the building.

The Saudi interior ministry said the suicide bomber was the only person killed in the blast. Five police officers and six civilians were injured in the incident, the ministry said.

Five other people, including a woman, were arrested in connection with the planned bombing, the ministry said. It did not specify the group involved in the attack.

Both Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah condemned the planned bombing at Mecca, the holiest site in Islam.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement Saturday quoting spokesman Bahram Ghasemi as saying “terrorism is rampant and growing now across the whole world.”

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