Man With Weapons, Ammo Arrested at Trump’s Washington Hotel

A guest at President Donald Trump’s Washington hotel has been arrested after police found guns and ammunition in his car.

Bryan Moles was detained by Washington police early Wednesday morning at Trump International Hotel. The hotel is just blocks from the White House.

Police say they found a handgun, a rifle and about 90 rounds of ammunition, after they received a tip.

Chief of Police Peter Newsham did tell reporters they learned about Moles from Pennsylvania State Police who contacted the U.S. Secret Service telling them Moles was traveling to Washington with weapons.

Newsham said they still don’t know Moles’ motive, but that law enforcement was “very concerned.”

“We’re going to do a thorough examination if we can get to the motive as to why this guy was coming to the District of Columbia armed with these weapons, Newsham said. “I was very concerned about this … very peculiar circumstance, and I believe that the officers and our federal partners, and in particular the tipster coming forward, averted a potential disaster in our nation’s capital.”

Moles’ car was parked near a valet attendant, and the weapons were reportedly visible from the outside.

Moles reportedly told police he was a military veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress. He also reportedly told officers he supports Trump.

Officially, the police have not confirmed those details.

According to a local radio station, Moles was “charged with one count of carrying a dangerous weapons, one count of carrying a pistol without a license outside of a home or business, as well as having unregistered ammunition.”

Police say they don’t yet have enough evidence to charge Moles with making threats.

Trump International released a statement on the incident.

“We take the safety and security of guests very seriously,” the hotel said in a statement. “It is our first priority. This morning, the authorities arrested a guest who was behaving suspiciously.”

The hotel would not give further details citing an ongoing investigation.

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